We provide excellent service and maintenance of biomass and solar systems in England and Wales.

Solar Thermal

Our goal is to keep your system in good condition, working efficiently and reliably for many years.

Many thousands of solar thermal systems have been installed in the past few years alone.

When looking at the pre-existing systems, we often find they are unreliable, poorly installed, poorly designed and expensive to run.

You may not be aware of these issues, but if they persist it may prove very costly to remedy.

This is why it’s important that you know that your system is working correctly. To address this concern, Proadvance offers a full health check during the first service to ensure your system is installed correctly and is safe to use.

A solar thermal system provides domestic hot water.

Solarfocus Products

We service and maintain solar thermal systems.

The heat source that they use is the sun, and therefore they are a very low-cost way of producing heat. A solar thermal system might work in tandem with your boiler or as a stand-alone solution. A well-designed and efficient solar thermal system should produce enough heat during the spring and summer months to meet your hot water demands. Solar thermal systems are a good way of becoming independent and taking care of the environment.

There are two types of solar thermal systems: vacuum tubes and flat plate collectors. Both are fitted onto the roof of your home. Inside the panels, there are copper pipes filled with glycol that is heated by the sun. Usually, they are positioned in a south-facing direction so that the maximum amount of heat from the sun is captured, but it is also popular to place them in east and west-facing positions. The glycol is heated up and then pumped through pipes in your hot water cylinder, transferring the heat from the pipe into the water.

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