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Proadvance Ltd from Reading in Berkshire is a registered and certified service of ETA biomass boilers in the UK.
ETA boilers are the most popular boilers in the UK. About popularity and Quality of Eta boilers can testify their big percent of UK market share.
Every ETA boiler operates by burning biomass inside a highly-efficient combustion chamber to provide heating and hot water to home, office or any property of all sizes.
Of course, while buying an ETA boiler you have to choose the right model for the size of your property
ETA boilers can burn either wood pellets and chipped wood. If you’re looking for an efficient biomass boiler for a big house or small commercial application, please see at wide range ETA boilers.


Why Eta biomass boilers are so popular among UK customers?

ETA biomass boilers set the standard for safe work, efficiency and reliability. ETA’s boilers are designed and produced to be the most efficient and environmentally friendly.
Planning to buy an Eta boiler, you can apply for grant from government and this is very important for everyone who want to install any biomass boiler.
You should know that ETA boilers are Renewable Heat Incentive compatible, which means they are eligible for government funding.


ETA biomass boilers maintenance and service

Standard maintenance service for ETA boiler provided by Proadvance Ltd include:

  • Running and checking of operating systems
  • Checking of safety systems that they are fully operational
  • Inspecting of boiler access door seals
  • Inspecting of hearth elements
  • Inspecting of ignition device
  • Inspecting of refractory linings
  • Inspecting of boiler exhaust system
  • Inspecting of mechanical seals
  • Lubricating of all running gear
  • Inspecting and cleaning of heat exchanger
  • Checking of control system power terminal


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